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Wednesday, 03 October 2012


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Every year my friends and I go to the nearest orchard and pick apples, tons of apples; At least five bushels!  We spend an entire weekend cooking, peeling, canning and making apple sauce and apple butter (If you’ve never had apple butter on toast or cottage cheese, I recommend finding the nearest farmer’s stand and trying this deliciousness). This will become one of the many homemade Christmas gifts I make to put under my tree. As with apple season comes apple festivals. I like to go to the festival in one of the largest apple growing counties, Adams County in Pennsylvania. Every year Adams County has two festivals, one for the apple blossoms, where hundreds of trees bloom with flowers. You can always go to Washington D.C. to see the same but there is something about traveling down a back road in the country on a spring day and enjoying the scenery that captivates me. The second festival is the Apple Harvest Festival.  It’s a two week event located in the heart of Adams County. I park a mile away and take a school bus to the festival. School buses are used to take you to and from the event as there are so many people who come. Once there I am over-whelmed by all the goodies. Apples are made in every desirable way possible. I’ve tried apple fritters, apple pie, apple crumb cake, apple funnel cake, apple pancakes; it’s like being in a Forest Gump movie but only better. 

As I’m munching down on a caramel apple I’ll linger over to the arts and crafts area. The vendors line up their little shops and put out their best hand crafted items. I’m always amazed at the originality. The crafters are everywhere, whether it’s outside tents or in the large buildings, they are the second main attraction, at least 300 crafters will be here. You will get lost in all the sights to see, pick up and buy. 

      As much as I love discovering something new to put in my home, my favorite section of the Apple Festival are the farm animals. There are usually calves, pigs, bunnies, goats, chickens and ponies. The petting zoo isn’t for everyone but if you’re curious and never been around these types of animals, this is a definite must see.

Children will have a wonderful time face painting and entering the pie eating contest. Ponies will be available for rides. A section of the festival will be carved out for crafting. Puppet shows will be held. Children can participate in Karaoke and play old fashioned games. 

Farmer’s will be here with their antique farm equipment and tractors. Classic cars will be on display with their proud owners. Artists will be showing off their talent in the chainsaw carving event.  You can learn to make scrapple and apple syrup, take a hay ride and tour a local apple orchard.  Just like the children you can take part in the pie eating contest and apple bobbing contest.  Listen to the live music from the stage while chowing down sweet potato fries, rib eye steak sandwiches and chicken barbecue.  

As the festival comes to an end and you’ve exhausted yourself with all the attractions, food and activities you’re able to take home plenty of desserts. A must for me are apple dumplings. I freeze them and on cold nights, I take a few out, warm them up, dollop a huge scoop vanilla ice cream on top and enjoy the fall season and all the wonderful memories it has brought me, including apples. Lots and lots of apples!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mohonk Mountain House

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I appreciate all the seasons, but fall is by far my favorite. I look forward to going into my closet, finding my turtlenecks, scarves and turning on the fire in the evening. I admit the fireplace comes on far too early in my house but I’m not complaining. I love seeing the pumpkins on porches, the leaves changing color and the crisp scent of coldness in the air. 

Fall, with the weather changing, makes for wanting to get warm and cozy with that special someone, and while there are many places to go for a beautiful walk or a festival, one of the most romantic places to bide your time is Mohonk Mountain House. Nestled in the Hudson Valley of New York this resort and spa will by all means fulfill your romantic side. The resort itself looks like a castle and its grounds are stunning. The landscape will make you get out your camera and take picture after picture. 

Once there you can take advantage of all this resort has to offer. If you’re traveling with someone you can experience the couple’s massage with a fireplace blazing in the background.  Next, relax by getting a facial, visiting the wellness center and trying a body treatment.  When you’re ready to venture outdoors a bike ride through the leaf changing trees will be a refreshing treat, or take a leisurely walk on one of the many trails. Get out your binoculars and go bird watching. In the morning a canoe is ready and waiting to take you on a tour. In the afternoon sit back and enjoy a horse or mule-drawn carriage ride or go on a guided horseback riding tour. If you’re staying over-night you have the option of waking up in the morning and participating in rock climbing. This is not for the faint at heart, but you’re  escorted by an authorized guide. When you’re on the grounds of the resort, outdoor games will be available to you such as shuffleboard, lawn bowling and croquet. 

There are always activities scheduled throughout the year and fall is no exception. During Halloween the castle will be decorated to the hilt. You’re encouraged to dress up and take part in its festivities including hauntingly scary stories to be told and live timber wolves will be on the premises.

Rooms range from basic (yet exquisite) charming country style to an indulgent two-story Victorian suite complete with a fireplace, spiral staircase and flat screen T.V.  As the name hints there are tower rooms available with their own balcony. Individual Cottages can be reserved if you’re staying with a group and want more privacy. 

When you’re ready, Mohonk is ready to pamper, refresh and romance you right into the winter season. 


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Adult Tree House

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       The summer is coming to an end and I’m not quite ready to grow up, head back to college and get back to responsibility. I can’t say I want to be a kid all the time but the thought of staying in a tree house and remembering younger years is a definite plus. Just like my child self, I still love animals, especially large animals; elephants, lions and anything else that isn’t the norm. 

       Africa, a place that doesn’t immediately come to mind for tree houses and relaxation, rather than four wheel drives and jungles, but on closer inspection is one of the most beautiful and romantic. Depending on where you stay, you will get a variety of options.  Chole Mjini in Tanzania is on the top of my list. With open rooms, four poster beds and your own private bathing area it is the place to unwind, relax and get back to nature. Each room is private yet open. You can walk around without feeling intimidated someone at one of the six other tree houses can see you. 

       When you’re ready to leave your room you can go down to the picnic area next to the ocean for an intimate dinner; dining on fresh fish, coconut milk and lemon papaya soup. During the day you can go to the sand bank “Funguni” and have a picnic. It is a sand strip only assessable by boat and only appearing every day for six hours. The perfect spot to swim, read a few pages in your favorite novel and admire sea creatures.  You can also learn to dive and swim with sea turtles. You will also share the sea with the Whale shark. It lives in these waters, eating as much plankton as his fifteen ton body can eat. Nearby the nest of Green and Hawksbill turtles are monitored by the Sea Sense Project giving guests an opportunity to watch baby turtles hatch out of their shell. There aren’t too many ways to get closer to nature than this. 

       As the days come to a close there are many possibilities of how you’d like to end it. You can travel to the nearby village for a stroll, head to one of the bars for an evening refreshment and watch the fruit bats, or for the ultimate experience go on a sunset sail. 

       While this isn’t your typical backyard tree house, this gives new meaning to sleeping under the stars, as the stars you see here will be among the brightest you’ve seen anywhere. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

The World

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       I am always in search of your not so typical vacation. While my family loves cruise ships I had yet to fully understand the intrigue until I stumbled across The World. The World Ship is more than your ordinary cruise ship it caters to the select few who can afford it. And if you can afford it, is beyond any expectation you may have. 

       Unlike other cruise lines, you purchase and own your apartment. Whether you want a studio, one, two or three bedroom apartment, it is yours for the taking; the apartments - while being luxurious -cost in the millions, but are well worth it. The idea is to travel for as long or as short as you like. The World has a yearlong itinerary, constantly going to a new destination. The apartments are fully furnished with bluetooth internet and satellite T.V. As serene as your apartment will be, it isn’t the only place you can spend the night. If you want to feel the ocean breeze while you sleep, you can sleep outside on a Bali-bed beneath the stars.

       In the morning the possibilities are endless. You can start your day off with a yoga session or play tennis on one of the courts. Perhaps golf is more your sport, where a professional will help you with your swing. You can go kayaking on the open sea, take a dip in the pool and have lunch at one of the restaurants on board. Enjoy the afternoon in the library reading one of the classics or take one of the classes being offered including learning a new language, dance or cooking style.  In the evening, meet at the bar for cocktails. After drinks indulge in sushi or put on your formal best and enjoy a romantic intimate dinner for two. Afterwards, the cigar room makes for a relaxing end to your day or a massage at the spa to end the night. 

       While all of this and more awaits you on The World this is only the icing on the cake. The true delight is traveling all over the world. Every year brings new places you will see and explore. Whether it be on the shores of Europe, the Caribbean or the coast of Ireland you will have plenty of time to go on land. The ship will spend three to five days at each port providing you with ample opportunity to explore each place The World stops. The itinerary is co-designed by the residents to make the most of each destination. 

       If you’re like me and the chances of owning an apartment are slim, there is hope. You can stay as a guest in one of the apartments. Along with booking the trip, you will also be responsible for any purchases you make at the restaurants aboard The World; as a resident dining is included but not as a guest. 

       Get ready to stay in a five-star hotel on the ocean complete with a casino, art gallery and more. The vacation will last as long as you like or if you’re one of the lucky few you can purchase a home away from home and travel 365 days a year.

Monday, 03 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

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      Having traveled all over the United States, on holidays like Labor Day, I like to  go back home to spend it with friends, family and enjoy the Kipona Artsfest. The Artsfest is held at the capital of Pennsylvania. The city closes part of Front St. next to the Susquehanna River and sets up for a three day event. Blocks upon blocks are closed down for vendors lining the street. People from all over the state come to enjoy this spectacular holiday and I am one of them.

      Saturday morning I make some coffee, plan out the weekend and walk down to the festival. Having friends in the area I am saved from the burden of finding a parking spot but there is designated parking to help you from getting discouraged. As soon as I get close I can smell aromas of food from all ethnicities. I tell myself to wait until I’ve been here a few hours before I sample the deliciousness around me. It lasts for about five minutes. Between the cheesesteak, chicken on a stick, homemade fudge and lemonade, I’m in heaven. I start with strawberry shortcake, piled with strawberries and whipped cream. Delicious! Diet? What diet? Not only are my taste buds singing praises, the music coming from strategically placed stages is a delight to hear. Groups and solo artists come to play their music; bands just starting out and hoping this is their big break to singers who are well known in the area. You can hear anything from country to modern music. After spending an hour or two listening to the music I head over to the Artsfest, which is in a separate area. The fee is small but well worth it. Over a 100 crafters will be here displaying their finest items.  I have found one-of-a-kind treasures from pottery (bowls, goblets, plates, etc.), clothing and a wide variety of jewelry. The paintings and drawings are unique to each vender; from items of the Indian culture to someone who has traveled the world and is trying to sell their pictures. I have even found risqué paintings that the artist has since won awards for and sells at a significantly higher price. 

      There are many events planned throughout the three days. A chili cook-off is held on Saturday, fishing tournaments, bingo, the annual Native American Pow-Wow and Karate tournament. A small section of Kipona will be designated for children. They can participate in face painting or mix multi-colored sand to make designs in bottles. In the past there has been a wellness area including Zumba and Tai Chi.

       Boat races take place on the river throughout the day. You can sit on the steps leading down to the river and watch ‘til your heart’s content. Or you can take a walk across the bridge to City Island. Once there you can play miniature golf while eating a snow cone. If you are traveling with children they may like the train that will give them and you a tour of City Island. There is an area for volleyball and a beach to go swimming. Small huts line one side of the island selling anything from ice cream to kites. You can sit on one of the benches next to the huts, enjoy a snack and feed the ducks that have made a home here. The Harrisburg Senators play their home games on this island; while you won’t be able to walk on their fields you can still see a glimpse of their stadium.  Years ago Hollywood came here and filmed Major League II using this same field. If you do some exploring on the Island you’ll find secret passages in the trees.  

      As the evening winds down you can rent a horse and carriage and take a tour of the city.   The bridge lights up for the night making the Artsfest feel alive. The Festival continues into the night with more live bands playing their music. The smell of kettle corn being popped throughout the day and night will linger in the air. By the end of the festival and having watched the fireworks display, I’m exhausted but feeling happy. I have eaten more than a person should. Have stared at and spent too much money on art I fell in love with. Listened to wonderful music and reminisced on the fact, summer is over. And Fall is right around the corner. 

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