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Monday, 29 July 2013

More than a music festival

Written by Antoinette Marie
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       Since I was a child I would dance in my room. I grew up wanting to be a singer. Unfortunately I can’t sing no matter how many voice lessons I take but that hasn’t stopped me from listening to music and becoming consumed by it.  Whenever I get the chance I’ll go to a concert and see one of my favorite performers or if I can’t stay awake at night I’ll watch a concert on HBO. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched clips of Woodstock and witnessed some of the greatest performances music will ever know. There will never be another Woodstock but don’t tell the people of Somerset, England this news because they just might disagree with you. 

       Every year the Glastonbury Festival is held in Somerset, England. This isn’t just any festival. There are more than 150,000 fans that show up in a town made up of 9,000 people.  This is their Woodstock. Tents will be lined up one after another where folks will stay until the event is over.  Some of the biggest names have performed here including Paul McCartney and Amy Winehouse.  There isn’t just one stage, there are many acts playing at the same time at different locations throughout the festival. Each location has its own unique flavor they bring to the festival. You may enjoy wandering over to the stage with poets or to the circus area.  You may want to watch juggling and acrobatics. Like a little sparkle to your performance, there are dancers that mix fireworks and fire into their routines.  Of course while this is going on there are those stages with pure rock and roll if you want to skip the performances and get lost in the sounds of music. 

The festival lasts for five days usually during the last week of June. The tickets become available in October. Once you’re at the festival you’ll have a map of all the different concerts going on. There will be a place to purchase mugs and clothing. You don’t have to bring your own food as with every festival this one will have plenty of vendors. The only thing you may want to bring is a camera and a sleeping bag and maybe a few friends to share the experience with. 


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