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Friday, 08 March 2013

I’m going to the top in what?

Written by Antoinette Marie
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      I enjoy the soft snow lazily kicking up behind me when I cross-country ski but you may be like some of my friends and find that the most boring way to enjoy wintertime and all its snow flaked glory. Instead of sledding down a mountain and rushing into the lodge for a hot chocolate you are waiting impatiently to find the highest lift to take you to the highest mountain only to rush down it at the speed of light. Well, I will watch you from below. In the warmth. But in the meantime I will tell you, my extreme skiers, of a place that takes you by helicopter to the top of the mountain and drops you off. Sound exciting? Actually, if I didn’t know any better I’d do it myself. But I’d end up waiting for the St. Bernard to come with his whiskey and help me down. If your talent far exceeds mine you’ll want to check it out.


      Canadian Mountain Holidays in British Colombia, Canada offers you a trip to the top of a mountain via helicopter.  At the top it will drop you off into virgin snow and from there you’ll make your way down the mountain. There are different levels of mountains so you may not be as dare devilish as some of your friends but you’ll still be able to find a trail fit for you. While there if you’ve mastered skiing and want to take it up a notch you can get out your snowboard, hop on the helicopter and opt for a whole new experience. You can go with your family for a week or with some friends. Different packages are offered at different lodges. 


      For me jumping off a helicopter with only skies sounds fun but for all intent and purposes is not going to happen, but what they offer in the winter they also offer in the summer. The helicopter will drop you off at different spots for a once in a lifetime hiking adventure. Now this is designed for me and perhaps you too. Just like skiing, there are different levels of hiking that are offered. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed you can ask for a private guide to lead you on your hike. 


      Whether you enjoy the snow or the dirt under your feet, this offers you a unique way of getting to the top of a mountain and allowing you to find your own way down. 


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