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Friday, 08 February 2013

Hearts and Roses Aren’t for Everyone

Written by Antoinette Marie
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       It’s almost Valentine’s Day which isn’t just for couples, yet it does seem that way sometimes. I say make the most of it and travel alone or lasso a friend into the mix and bring them along. Sometimes the best trips are taken spontaneously with our friends. And what better way than to have an exciting time and to put them on top of a horse and watch them ride. A dude ranch. Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you can’t go to one (if you’re a guy, that’s okay you’re invited too). 

       There are all kinds of ranches and depending what kind of vacation you’re looking for, it’s available. Whether you just want to enjoy the scenery or get your hands dirty and take care of a horse yourself, you can find it. 

       There is even a ranch for single moms. If this is the year you decided to stay away from the dating scene and want to spend your time with family and friends the “Sugar and Spice” ranch is going to offer an assortment of ideas for bonding with your daughter.  You’ll learn how to take care of horses, sleep in bunkhouses and ride the trails. Inspired by the women who run this ranch, a mother and daughter duo, they have planned all kinds of activities for you share with your daughter. The summer months will be more active and have a lot more to offer but you can go at any time. 

       There are many ranches but during the winter months it may not offer the same experience as you might find during the summer and fall months unless you go to Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico. Here the weather is around the 70’s all year long.  Unlike the Sugar and Spice ranch this one is open to everyone, so round up your best of friends and take a quick trip to forget about those Valentine blues. While here you’ll forget about not having a date or not getting roses on that dreaded day. Instead you’ll be riding on the back of horses taking in the land and experiencing a whole new way of life. Who knows you might create a new tradition and turn into a yearly event. 


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