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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Grand Canyon

Written by Antoinette Marie
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Spring is in the air…Okay, well not really in this very cold city of Boston. I can still look at the calendar and remember only a few short days ago, it snowed during the night. Still, I’m ready to move on to warmer days with flowers blooming and trees budding. I’ve traveled across country twice in my life. I enjoyed every minute of it and when I did I always had the desire to see the Grand Canyon. But I never stopped because I had in the back of my mind what movies always depict it as. You go, you see (for a few minutes) and you leave. I don’t know. It never seemed worth it. I realize how wrong I was and am ready to make the journey across the country and actually stop this time. 

The Grand Canyon is located in the state of Arizona in the southwest of the United States. The Grand Canyon is approximately three hundred miles long and twenty miles wide. Not a small canyon by any means. Going through the bottom of the canyon is the Colorado River. The actual walls of the canyon are about a mile long from the top to the bottom floor. 

Get your cameras ready. First and foremost when you get there you’ll want to take in the scenery of this magnificent place and enjoy its view. Afterwards, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you can explore the area in more ways than one. There are guided tours you can take, what type of tour is up to you. You can travel by foot, bike or if you really want to be outside the box, a mule. Depending on how long you stay you can hike for a day or you can gather up your gear, grab a backpack and explore the canyon for multiple days. The trails range from a few miles to twenty miles. When you’re done hiking head down to the Colorado River and you can do a little rafting (book well in advance).  This can also be a one day rafting event or several days. If you want to see the canyon from the sky, go on an airplane or helicopter tour.  If you have family with younger adults there are programs just for them. They will even receive their own certificate, badge and patch by completing activities listed in the junior booklet.

The places to stay near the Grand Canyon vary depending on your taste. There are upscale inns, old lodges, and campgrounds. I am always pleasantly surprised at how naïve I am when it comes to the world and traveling. The Grand Canyon is no exception. While it is beautiful to pull over on the side of the road and take a quick peek at the canyon, knowing I can explore the area and learn some of its secrets has certainly caught my interest and has made its way onto my bucket list. 


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