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Monday, 26 November 2012

From Ireland to Italy

Written by Antoinette Marie
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After an exhaustive but wonderfully great time in Ireland I will be taking a short flight to Italy. As in Ireland, I plan to backpack my way through Italy too. There are many hotels to stay in but for my trip I plan to stay in hostels. Many are very inexpensive and provide food. Though, I doubt when in Italy I will be eating at a hostel. I will be in search of the best slice of pizza. I have been told it exists in Naples. I’ve been everywhere in New York City and think I found the best slice in the Bronx but I want to see if it compares to the off the vine tomatoes and homemade mozzarella found in Italy.  Of course pizza isn’t the only food I want to experience. In another lifetime I plan to move to the Almalfi coast. For now, I will be trekking my way there to view the breathtaking ocean and homes that line the hillsides of the Almalfi coast. I am hoping to have enough time and money saved to take a cooking class at one of the many places that teach. It has been a dream and I can’t imagine a better place to learn the art of making pasta and sauce. I have a feeling it will take years to perfect but an authentic cooking class will put me in the right direction. Italy is all about food, family and country but before I travel into wine country I will try a gelato. Gelato is a lot like ice cream only richer and denser. I’ve tried it many times in the States but I have a feeling there will be no comparison when I try Italy’s. Afterwards I will relax with a cappuccino and enjoy the conversations around me.

The tourist attractions will no doubt draw me in as I convince my friend we must go for a gondola ride in Venice. There is a tour that includes being serenaded and dinner afterwards. I always imagined I would be with my soul mate on such a romantic outing but as they say, when in Vegas or in this case when in Venice. Isn’t this a must do in Italy? All of this romance will take me into the countryside and bask in the wonderfulness called wine country. 

Tuscany. Rolling hillsides, never-ending views, vineyards and olive groves make up this beautiful land.  While I do plan to stay in hostels I may opt to stay at a farmhouse in Tuscany. Where I can help with the harvesting of grapes or olives and enjoy the warmness of the host by sharing dinners with their family. Many farmhouses will organize activities such as wine tastings, horse-back riding or hiking. I want to be spontaneous on my trip but a little help is always welcomed. If I’m lucky instead of a farmhouse I will find a castle in need of help. Now this would top off my days in Italy. Many castles and farmhouses are more than my budget will allow but there are a few to be found. 

I should plan out my destinations; make sure I see everything I’ve always wanted to see, but where is the fun? I will miss out on the places I might not have seen or the people I might not have met if I do have an itinerary. Granted, the Coliseum in Rome is on my list as is the Church of San Lorenzo. I want to explore all that Pompeii has to offer. Take a boat ride to Grotta Azzurra and pass through the cave opening. Go shopping in prestigious Milan. Explore the caves of Liguria. My list is endless. But if all I do is drink wine, get my feet purple and find the perfect slice I will have found heaven. My only reservation: is two weeks enough time to backpack through Ireland and Italy. I have a feeling I better set more time aside as I’m going to be extending my flight. 

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