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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Finding Relaxation

Written by Antoinette Marie
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As much as I love everything that goes with the holidays;  Christmas lights on homes, fresh baked cookies, presents under the tree and champagne on New Year’s, I am always ready for new beginning. I get out my journal, make a list of goals I want to accomplish for the upcoming year and reminisce on what I did accomplish the year that has gone by. Of course I’m usually exhausted by the second week of January. I don’t feel the need to dive right into life. Rather I like to take a moment to reflect and get my juices flowing again, in the form of a spa. 

There are spas all over the world for anything you desire. Horse ranch style spas in the Mid-West, a chocolate spa at the Hotel Hershey and of course yoga retreats in just about every corner you can think of. This year while I’m living in Boston I’m thinking warm. Very warm, a place that doesn’t have snow. I’m thinking the tranquil sunny Mexico. The Rancho La Puerto Resort, where everything I need to motivate me into a new year is here.

The holidays for me mean lots of delicious food and parties. By January I’m in need of a physical jump-start. Rancho La Puerto Resort is just the place to get my metabolism back on track. The resort offers all kinds of wonderful fitness programs. Here I can wake up and do yoga or Pilates or if I feel like taking the day by storm jumping right into cardio. After a day or two of yoga I can unwind with a day of reflective fitness. Which involves walking, meditating and a silent dinner to find my inner self. 

I can only exercise for so long and well, that’s not the only way to rejuvenate. Not only is fitness important but so are facials, massages and body treatments; all a necessity to get the energy flowing in a more positive direction. 

The Resort offers other amenities that are not for me. But some may want to take a cooking class, go bird watching or play golf. While those options sound tempting, as far as I’ll get is to the food and I won’t be preparing it. The resort serves freshly picked fruit and vegetables and well as serving fresh fish; the type of meal to clear my mind and help me focus on my new-found goals. 

Yes, this is the place to relax, find inner peace and energize for the year ahead. 

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