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Monday, 23 March 2015


Written by Antoinette Marie
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       As I look out my window and still see inches of snow melting off the trees, it has me reminiscing on the days I lived in California and the palm trees that are standing tall, soaking in the sun while I’m bundled up in my wool socks and pajamas. In a few weeks people will be dancing under those palm trees for two weekends in a row for one of the biggest concert festivals of the year. 

Coachella attracts every type of person. From the performers who will be there to the ones who will be in the crowds listening to the talented musicians that will be playing. This is not your typical concert you go to for a few hours and then go home to look at the selfies you took of yourself with your favorite artist in the background. This is a two weekend event that happens once a year in Coachella, California. Hotels in the area prepare for the thousands of people that will arrive. There are campgrounds where you can stay off and on the grounds, depending how close you want to be. You can carpool with others if you’re not on site and if you are, you may just win lifetime tickets to Coachella and VIP passes for the events. 

Music from all genres will the there. Musicians like AC/DC to Drake will be playing to bands like Bad Religion and a personal favorite, Florence + the Machine. Whether you like country, rap or rock and roll, you will find it here. For those music enthusiasts, there will be a vinyl store where you can browse for your favorite music. A boutique with clothes, art and collectables will be on the premises. Not only will the music be outstanding, the food will be just as amazing. There will be your usual concert food. However, there will also be an assortment of deliciousness to choose from homemade ice cream, craft beer paired with selected dishes, tacos and for those with special diets vegan, gluten free menus to choose from. Some of the best up and coming chefs will be on hand to display their talents. If you’re lucky enough to have VIP passes to the Rose Garden, you will dine in the beautiful Coachella Rose Garden and taste some of the finest food you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. 

While jamming to your some of your favorite music and chowing down on a specialty dish from the restaurant Eggslut (where everything is made with egg), walk around to discover the art that will be displayed. Last year a chain of hot air balloons were in the air, a large caterpillar was created for sitting under to enjoy some shade, and robots and a giant astronaut were on site to engage the audience. 

This isn’t exactly a tropical paradise where you sit lazily by the ocean and drink Pina Coladas or travel to some far away mountain, hiking until you reach the top. This is for the diehard music lovers who want a once in a lifetime experience, where those who are performing are some of the best up and coming musicians or have already proven themselves. This is where those with talent come to shine whether it is with their guitar, their prose with musical lyrics or creating that fabulous dish you’ll have to Instagram. And when you find you just need to take a break from your senses, a Ferris wheel that reaches into the clouds will be on hand to take you away for a few moments to catch your breath and get ready for the next day full of laughter, songs and dancing.


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