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Christina Bolton


Green awareness is a rapidly expanding part of travel and many are looking to visit and support the countries that are devoting resources towards combating climate change. But which places are doing best in that regard? There are many different factors to consider when coming to that answer. For certain people, some measures may be more important than others. Many smaller places have a natural advantage as they have more forests to capture carbon, but what about big cities? Bionic, a UK company, just looked at the 40 most populated cities in the world and ranked them by their speed to green transformation. They looked at air quality, percentage of renewable energy, meat consumption, plastic waste, sustainable jobs and a variety of other categories.


The winner was Auckland, New Zealand. Numbers 2-9 of the top ten were all in Europe with Stockholm, Sweden as number two followed by Lyon, France then Copenhagen, Dublin, Cologne, Brussels, Warsaw and Milan. Rounding out the top 10 at #10 was Montreal, Canada. The full list and metrics are here:


Auckland, New Zealand



Stockholm, Sweden



Lyon, France



Copenhagen, Denmark


I'd like to see similar statistics on smaller cities worldwide and also a comparison of typical travel hotspots which might make it easier for people to chose among them.


I'm going to try to fit these top 10 cities into my next several trips. It shouldn't be too hard with so many are on one continent!




©Christina Bolton

Sunday, 01 May 2022

Kuang Si Falls, Laos


Southeast Asia 244

Southeast Asia 239

Southeast Asia 252

(c)Christina Bolton


This video is funny! Filmed primarily on the streets in Western Europe, no one the interviewer asks seems to know where Vilnius is, though they offer ideas as far away as South America! The short video also highlights some of Vilnius' sights and wide panoramas.

This film won as the world’s best in the category of 'Tourism Destinations Cities' at CIFFT (the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals) Circuit. Most promotional type video's are a bore, but not this one! Check it out here:




You can also have your own stab at picking Vilnius out on a map here, good luck!:


This video won by a wide margin over the other's:


Go Vilnius was the producer of the video if you'd like more info:




Thursday, 09 September 2021

Travel Photographs: Macedonia

Macedonia Travel Photography by the following photographers:

Antonio Janeski GWtofr QHpQ Unsplash

Antonio Janeski


Slavcho Malezanov Qo47U7BCFW4 Unsplash 

Slavcho Malezanov


Kate Talim Fn6LE5OUw4Y Unsplash

Kate Talim


Elion Jashari MTqyg2DFVO0 Unsplash

 Elion Jashari


Boban Simonovski SNDERbAzP O Unsplash 

Boban Simonovski


Polina Rytova 9qc P4oidOA Unsplash

 Polina Rytova


Pavol Svantner WKAKAgbLFj8 Unsplash

 Pavol Svantner


Slavcho Malezanov MCMfw Bl8lY Unsplash

Slavcho Malezanov


Antonio Janeski OmNktvi2x58 Unsplash

Antonio Janeski


 Robert Bahn EBmuyC36UcU Unsplash

Robert Bahn



 Blagoja Koleski UFMgFPaJMNc Unsplash

 Blagoja Koleski


Stefan Katrandjiski GAmRJl SvoQ Unsplash

Stefan Katrandjiski


Stefan Petrushevski RKJleztd0Wo Unsplash 

Stefan Petrushevski


 Kristijan Arsov Xhv3D Lmy C Unsplash

Kristijan Arsov


Antonio Janeski H Iz5t9jaeU Unsplash 

Antonio Janeski

Adib Harith Fadzilah 7Bt9rz IAkc Unsplash

 Adib Harith Fadzilah


Toa Heftiba 4CzzaJnQh0c Unsplash

Toa Heftiba


Ljupco Dzambazovski GMX0eNStoHY Unsplash

Ljupco Dzambazovski


Gorjan Ivanovski Ldb5VYH1FDc Unsplash

Gorjan Ivanovski


Endri Killo  Z2SzPJApVI Unsplash

Endri Killo


Tomica S SWeiUS CV9k Unsplash

Tomica S.


Antonio Janeski HiJArMTN7HQ Unsplash

 Antonio Janeski


Milana Jovanov Luh7LSmn2vM Unsplash

Milana Jovanov


Mark De Jong BC6zWYXneCI Unsplash

Mark de Jong


Slavcho Malezanov Z2KrGUQc Vo Unsplash

Slavcho Malezanov


Endri Killo Zd8iK3JJn14 Unsplash 

Endri Killo 


Nikola Mihajloski Fa1IAI80LNk Unsplash 

 Nikola Mihajloski


Boban Simonovski 3zdRN5B8MiM Unsplash 

Boban Simonovski 


 iElion Jashari 3Bw0FZrg2b4 Unsplash

 Elion Jashari


Stefan Katrandjiski 5CwFpRIc7Uw Unsplash

 Stefan Katrandjiski


Boban Simonovski SzYU4C7vFJY Unsplash 

Boban Simonovski 


Slavcho Malezanov SirmnNBwo9M Unsplash 

 Slavcho Malezanov


Stefan Katrandjiski M1Xrav2S4nk Unsplash 

 Stefan Katrandjiski


Stiv IUPqWzqLXVk Unsplash


Slavcho Malezanov QVIW4qBAZ8Y Unsplash 

Slavcho Malezanov


Ali Nuredini ZxrGyZSnA2c Unsplash

Ali Nuredini


Nikola Mihajloski DrfTNwoma30 Unsplash 

 Nikola Mihajloski


Ervo Rocks Wo 6PPsfpBE Unsplash

Ervo Rocks


Antonio Janeski DOsG8ElpRU8 Unsplash

 Antonio Janeski


Thanks to all the photographers!


Thursday, 02 September 2021

Popham Beach State Park, Maine


20210831 131946

(c) Christina Bolton



(c)Christina Bolton

Sunday, 01 November 2020

Torres del Paine, Chile




(c)Christina Bolton

Tuesday, 01 September 2020

CBD Living Travel Set

The CBD Living travel set offers a total of 500 mg of CBD over 6 products – a salve, lotion, tincture spray, roll on 'freeze' and two lip balms. All the products use nanotechnology which they say increases absorption of the CBD so there's no waiting. It does seem to take effect quickly – especially the freeze.

2   24

The products are made with natural ingredients for the most part and are THC free so you should be able to travel to many countries with the items. Though if you're going to Africa or Asia, especially, double check the legality before heading off as even though this is made only with hemp and doesn't have THC - its still not legal everywhere. At this time the only place in Europe you can't travel to with it is Slovakia.


The salve was my favorite product with its rich consistency (using shea butter among other things) and pleasant coconut scent. These will all easily fit into your carry on as they are all one ounce or less.


2   23


(c) Christina Bolton


Order at:

Wednesday, 01 July 2020

Virtual Yoga on Necker Island

2   14

Virgin Limited Edition is hosting virtual yoga live from its luxury resort on Necker Island, a private island owned by Sir Richard Branson in the iconic British Virgin Islands. 

The yoga sessions will be for all levels of fitness and will start on Thursday 18th June and run weekly for four weeks. 

When: Every Thursday at 17:00 BST (12pm EST), starting 18th June 2020 for four weeks

Where: Instagram @VirginLimitedEdition

2   5

Other events they are putting on that you may want to join are two weekly virtual safari's:

Live game drive from the magic of the bush at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

When: Every Monday at 3:00pm BST

Where: Instagram - @VirginLimitedEdition  


Live game drive from the majesty of the Maasai Mara at Mahali Mzuri

When:  Every Wednesday at 3:00pm BST

Where: Facebook - @VirginLimitedEdition  


Other Virtual Yoga Options: 

If the yoga schedule doesn't work for you, a number of studio's are offering virtual classes, check with your local studio, or try one of these:

Kripalu Center, one of the US's biggest yoga center's is closed until the end of the year but they are offering a 7 day free trial for online classes:

Soul Yoga, a Baptiste studio has Zoom classes for a donation:

Kundalini Yoga School, they have an 11 day course for free: 

Yoga Vastu, online Iyengar yoga studio, free for 14 days:


There are so many chefs doing cook at home classes on youtube or their own websites that there’s not enough time, even in quarantine, to participate in all of them. You probably get emails offering these sessions or at least recipes from your favorite local restaurants, but if not I’ll point out a few to check out.


Naya Traveler has a Recipe Book online where they give the iconic recipes from many countries. Mango salad from Cambodia, Gazpacho from Spain, Masala Chai from India:


2   6 

A small chain of vegetarian restaurants in the Boston area that I like, Clover Food Lab, has been hosting an afternoon cooking show that I’ve participated in several times since the stay at home advisory has started. The sessions are recorded as well so you can watch them anytime. This could come in especially handy now that it looks like there will be meat and poultry shortages - lots of great vegetarian and vegan comfort food! From New England favorites like Popovers and Boston Baked Beans to newer items like Homemade Fluff with local honey and eggs. He also covers one of the things which is all the rage now - how to make sourdough bread. Its called In Ayr’s Kitchen, check it out here:


Chefsfeed has a large list of interactive streamed cooking classes to support chefs while restaurants are closed here:


B&B’s have been sending recipes to their clients to stay in touch. Here’s a list of 43 with apple pie and similar recipes:


John Ash & Co in Sonoma shares their recipes here: 


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