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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Boston, Up Close and Personal

Written by Antoinette Marie
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      It’s been an emotional week and as much as I want sit down and write about a fabulous place to visit I cannot help but look around me in Cambridge and think of everything that has transpired. So I thought instead of leaving this wonderful area I’d share some of the great places Boston has to offer. Because of course there are so many. 

      New York is known for its “little Italy.” Depending on where you live you’ll swear “little Italy” is in Manhattan or if you’re like me it’s in the Bronx. But New York isn’t the only place with a “little Italy.” Boston has a quaint area called the North End where a cluster of Italian restaurants and pastry shops line the streets. During the summer, there will be tables on the sidewalks where locals will be eating a cannoli or drinking a glass of wine. I’d name a few restaurants but really you can’t go wrong with any of the places in the North End; from the authentic Italian cuisine, to men and women who’ve come straight from Italy and have offered their expertise. 

      You can’t stay in the North End forever; well maybe you can, but remember if you leave you can always come back! While you’re away from that eggplant rollatini you can’t stop thinking about, you have the opportunity to take a three hour whale watching tour. Chances are you’ll see a Humpback whale and if you don’t they will give you a ticket for a return visit to get that camera shot again. 

      Don’t want to go that far off land but still want to stay on the waters? One of the most well-known places Boston is known for are the Swan boats rides. At the Boston Gardens, the Swan boats linger on the waters waiting for passengers to take them on a fifteen minute guided ride. If you didn’t already know, Boston has a thing for birds. Not only do they have the Swan boat ride, Red Sox but they also have the Duck tour. 

      The Duck tour departs at three different areas depending on your interest. First you need to book your tour in advance as it fills up very quickly. Second you need to choose where you want to board. You have the option of the museum of Science, The Prudential Center or the Aquarium. Any choice is a great choice. You can explore any of these places before you board. The Prudential Center is a huge mall with restaurants, stores and a bookstore. The Skywalk Observatory is here as well. You’ll be able to see all of Boston from this viewpoint.  The Pru is also near Boston’s famous shopping area, Newbury Street.  A great place to go for unique gifts, café’s that have outdoor seating during the warm months, not to mention the beautiful buildings you’ll walk by as you shop and eat here. 

      The Duck tour itself is not to be missed. It takes you on a boat ride throughout Boston. You’ll see major landmarks accompanied by a guide who will tell you all the fun little facts you never knew. You’ll do this all on a boat that looks like a blue WWII landing vehicle.  You won’t be disappointed. 

      Time to get off the water and head to The Garden, depending on what season you’re in Boston, the Bruins will be playing or the Celtics. Not a sports fan, The Garden also hosts concerts from your favorite entertainer.   Boston fans would be very upset if I forgot their beloved baseball team, the Red Sox. Not to too far from The Garden is Fenway Park where you can watch them play most of the year. 

      Feel like some history on land? Take the Freedom Trail as it’ll show you all the landmarks that make Boston famous. When you’re done head to Harvard square. It’s an open campus and you can walk around to see its grounds or browse the streets filled with shops and one of a kind places to eat. 

      I could go on and on. Boston itself has so much to offer even for a weekend visit. Not to mention its neighboring towns and such. The Cape is close by, or a drive to Maine. It’s all here to experience and explore. Is it New York? No, it doesn’t have skyscrapers towering over you or the famous landmarks that seem to make it in every movie. But what it does have is a city with a small town feel like everywhere you go is special. It’s not overwhelming; it has its own magic filled with brotherly love. Maybe I’m getting sentimental. I’m okay with that. I live in a great city. 



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