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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Blockbuster Movies after the Summer

Written by Antoinette Marie
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       The summer to me has so much to offer but the one thing that I can’t wait for are all the blockbuster movies that come to the big screen. You will always find me once a week at the theater watching the latest release with popcorn in hand. With that being said I find myself at home looking for a movie with intense meaning that I’ll think about long after I’ve watched it.  At home isn’t the only place to find these movies. If you happen to have the time to escape for a week or so in January the place to be is the Sundance Festival. 

       Located in Sundance, Utah, the Sundance Festival hosts independent film artists who gather here to share their artistry.  The festival was created by the multi-talented Robert Redford who wanted to give those who wouldn’t normally be able to show their creations a chance to share their vision with the world. Sundance is a nonprofit organization that helps those filmmakers discover their passion and succeed. It funds their dreams, making them a reality.

       Every year a festival is held to honor their talent and to display what they have created. Everyone who’s anyone will be here in one of the many movie houses. No matter what type of movie piques your interest it will be shown; whether it be suspense, documentary, drama or a short film. Not only will you be able to watch what might win the next Oscar you will also be able to meet some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the artists who created the films you have just watched.

       The festival isn’t just for those who love to watch films it’s also for those who love to make films. Maybe you’re one of those talented people who are just waiting to be discovered. You can go to their website and read the details on how to submit your film.

       The festival is a movie lover’s paradise with discussion panels on how the industry works and how it’s changing. Listen to one of the many live performances and the round table discussions of how music plays such an important role in movie making. Every day will host a new performer. Parties are being held every night to honor those showing their work. 

       Sundance has over the years, evolved into more than just Sundance, Utah. It now has a festival in London, England. Depending on which side of the pond you’re one, you can see film artists doing what they do best: making magic on the big screen. 


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