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Saturday, 12 March 2011

And The Winner Is....

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Recently I’ve been visiting top 10 lists - and changing my views about countries. Taken from the website, here are things you may not know about that are going on borders - including your own.

The US is still the richest country in the world, if you go by a GDP of $14,580,000,000,000. Half that and you get China’s, half that again and you get Japan’s.

Swaziland is the country with the highest level of HIV infection (38.8% adult prevalence rate).

Yet France is the world’s most sexually active country: the average French person has sex 137 times per year. Greece follows with 133 days, Hungary with 131, then Macedonia and Bulgaria with 129 and 128, respectively.

Norway tops the list of countries with the “highest quality of life,” followed by Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Australia, and the US.

Andorrans live the longest - Andorra’s life expectancy is the highest with an average of 82.67 years.

Meanwhile Lithuania has the highest annual suicide rate per 100,000 people: 42. Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia come next on the list.

Venezuela and India share the honor of having most of the most beautiful women in the world -- if you go by the Miss World title. They have both had five Miss World each, followed by the UK with 4 Miss Worlds and Sweden, Jamaica and the Netherlands with 3 each.

The US dominates the number of Miss Universe titles at 7, leaving Venezuela and Puerto Rico behind with their respective 4 Miss Universes.

The US also boasts the most Nobel Prize Winners, its number of Laureates being 270. The UK (101), Germany (76) and France (49) are catching up.

The US has won a cumulative 2,112 Olympic medals, four times more than the UK.

Luxembourg and Singapore share the more recent title of being the top most googled countries, sharing a search volume index of 88. India, Mexico and Japan are typed next.

Malaysia, with its power distance index of 104, and Slovakia with the same number, are the countries with the most unequal societies. Also having high power distance indexes are Guatemala, Panama and the Philippines.

Ecuador is the country with the most endangered species (2,151) followed by the US (1,143), Malaysia (892), Indonesia (833) and China (773).

Australia, with its 11.06 tonnes of CO2 per capita, based on its national power sector emissions, is the world’s worst greenhouse country. The US is next, then Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

Libya has the hottest place in the world: Al’Aziziyah, followed by United State’s Death Valley. In Libya extreme temperature (F) reaches 136.4 degrees; in Nevada, 134.

According to the Transparency International Corruption index (2006), Haiti, Myanmar and Iraq are the world’s most corrupt nations. The US was among the 20 least corrupt nations; Finland, Iceland and New Zealand lead the pack.

According to another list by Transparency International (2009), the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which measures “the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians,” New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore and Sweden have the lowest perceived corruption; of the 180 countries polled, Somalia has the most.

Sweden is the country with the best gender equality.

United Arab Emirates is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world, with a growth rate of 30%, followed by South Africa with its growth rate of 10%.

And lastly, India has the world’s biggest readers; its citizens spend 10.7 weekly hours reading. It’s followed by Thailand, China, Philippines and Egypt. I suppose if you’re in these countries, you’re my most likely reader.

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