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A Tête-à-tête with the Uzbek: Traveling Uzbekistan

When I requested a fellow passenger to take my picture on the aerobridge, another passenger popped thru the phone screen exclaiming "At least ensure you can read Kazakhstan Airways" only to get a ...
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Portland, Seattle and Vancouver: The Pacific Northwest’s Premier Road Trip

My husband and I grew up on the Northeast Coast. We crave cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, experience the energy of Broadway shows in NYC, and stroll the Jersey shore beaches. When we decided to ...
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Lost in the Jungle: The Mayan Temple of Faces at Kohuhlich

A visit to two cities of the ancient rulers of the Yucatan: Kohuhlich & Tulum   The vines covered the grey stones with a lattice work of green. The cries of the howler monkeys from the ...
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Goin' Rogue in Spain

Careening toward self-doubt, which was swiftly followed by a silent bug-eyed panic, I endeavored to stuff the big wad of Spanish pesetas back into the ATM. It was 1996. I was in Barajas Airport in ...

Travel Photographs: Cuba

Travel Photography of Cuba by Magdalena Kernan           (c)Magdalena Kernan ...


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