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A Year in America: Living off a Motorcycle

  Through my life I have had two passions, motorcycles and traveling. After an extremely gray depressing winter in Seattle in 2017 I decided to see if I could build a high-level plan to combine ...
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Bali: Indonesia's Island of Temples

I have not seen or read Eat, Pray, Love. I am not sure I want to. I did want to see the most exotic of destinations in Asia. The island of Bali. What I expected was probably a combination of swaying ...
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Chilly Chile

Ask any travelista, Chile is a quiet country. It’s not an Argentina or Brazil. It can’t tout – “We are the Paris of South America” as Buenos Aires, Argentina, can. Nor does it house the largest and ...
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Colombia's Tatacoa Desert: The Ochre Valley of Sorrows

  Have you ever been drenched by a desert rain? The Tatacoa Desert is the place to find one, with its reddish arid expanse stretching from one wall of mountains to another, riddled with sudden ...
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Montauk and the Yachts

  What is it about walking along a dock full of yachts that makes living on water tempting? I’ve never been much of a boat person but the allure of the Montauk Yacht Club is much more than, to put ...


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