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Thursday, 27 April 2006


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Misprints and Letters

This is where any misprints, innacuracies, and letters will be printed. If you find any please contact us.Thank You for your understanding.


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Nov. 12, 2007

Dear inTravel,

Regarding this article on carbon offsets...

I find it quite annoying that she doesn't even bother to discuss the
enormous criticism of the entire concept of carbon offsets raised by
Monbiot and others. I suggest running the below as an alternate
view/rebuttal to her pollyanna comments:

Let's not labor under any illusion that our current airplane travel
regime, with or without carbon offsets, is somehow compatible with
efforts to stop the worst effects of global warming.

(I know this sounds like bad news for inTravel fans, but the good
news is if we ditch airplanes entirely, we might both save the planet
and switch to a more inDepth way of traveling - Zeppelins, which
because they travel slower would encourage much longer trips....)

Matthew Taylor

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