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  • Isaac


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  • Liam Regan

    Liam Regan

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  • Nick Atlas

    Nick Atlas

    "If we do not receive your minimum payment by Jan. 13, 2011, you may have to pay a late fee of up to $35.00 and your APRs may be increased up to the variable Penalty APR of 29.99%."

    Aren't credit card companies grand? I always thought that 30% had to be usury. Silly me.
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  • Rick Robiar

    Rick Robiar

    Taking a train to Mumbai in an hour. Next stop Kerala. Even warmer than the 100 degree afternoons we're dealing with now.
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  • jmclaughva


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  • frank johnson

    frank johnson

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  • ricky


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  • Nate Marcus

    Nate Marcus

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  • Ray Jarvis

    Ray Jarvis

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  • Sergey Kahn

    Sergey Kahn

    My fellow Americans, I apologize if I have failed to get you a souvenir. It isn't because you are less important than those that got something. I tried, and now my suitcase is full.
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  • Nathan Kessler

    Nathan Kessler

    -- Time to get my work on!
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  • Chip Burgess

    Chip Burgess

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  • Nikita Alatyrev

    Nikita Alatyrev is cut from the Vn forum:
    Just that when you stay too long, when you come back to your country, you feel you are slower than other people.
    Date: Jan 20, 2007, 10:54 AM
    Any changes since those good old times..?
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  • Thien Pham

    Thien Pham

    Ok , i am trying out for color guards Chau VuKhanh Vu
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  • Alex McCullough

    Alex McCullough

    just trudged to work through the snow, and the first email I opened was my boss saying 'feel free to work from home today!'
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  • Justin Farmer

    Justin Farmer

    dont stop get it get it we are your captains in it steady watch me navigate
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  • Kennedy Ochieng

    Kennedy Ochieng

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  • John Seyal

    John Seyal

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  • Carlos Tanner

    Carlos Tanner

    Our Schedule of Retreats and Courses for 2014 is up on our website: so if you are interested check it out.
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  • Adam


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