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India: Cycling in a Land of Extremes - 3.8%
Salamanca: The City of Gold - 3.8%
Free Solo Climbing the Flatirons - 3.8%
One Sound Made all the Difference - 3.8%
Plaza Blanca, New Mexico - 3.8%
Goldegg, Austria - 3.8%
Bumming Through the Wine Fields of Bordeaux - 69.2%
Scotland’s New Cuisine - 3.8%
Travel Photography: Guatemala - 3.8%
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Free Solo Climbing the Flatirons

   Today is the 23rd of June, 2014. Today is the day I almost died.     Until recently, the world of free-solo climbing was a world totally unknown to me. It was a world shrouded in mystery. ...

One Sound Made all the Difference

      It isn't often that I recall the detailed sounds of a place, even the smallest ‘clink’, as if it were from a song I have played a thousand times.   Yet the song of that hostel, I recall ...

Scotland’s New Cuisine

  To someone who was lucky enough to be raised in a French capital of gastronomy by a Japanese mum with lots of culinary talent and imagination, something called Scottish cuisine would sound at ...

Salamanca: The City of Gold

  Salamanca is a brief two hour bus-ride from the city of Madrid. The city known as “Golden City” (because of the way it looks when the sun hits it) has much to offer in the way of scenery, ...

Travel Photography: Guatemala

Photos by Randi B. Hagi                   (c)Randi B. Hagi

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