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Northern Lights4

Chasing the Northern Lights in Finland

  We traveled a long way to see them, and we have one more shot at it. We flew for nearly 11 hours from San Francisco to Copenhagen, and then another two hours to Helsinki. After a couple of days ...
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Gir Lions, India

  By age ten, my paleontology phase mothballed by fears that all the Jurassic skeletons would be exhumed with no bones left for the adult me, zoology became the new discipline and lions were my ...

Angelic Innkeeper at the Lavender Inn and Spa

  One block from the main street of Ojai, California someone with a big heart is the innkeeper of a historic home turned into an elegant bed and breakfast. Her name is Kathy Hartley. Her goal is ...
DSC 0541

Iceland by Van

Five weeks in Iceland – “That's going to be expensive” people said to me. It depends. I woke up and looked behind the curtain, clear blue sky. Yesterday had been cold and grey all day, I find ...

Empire of the Sun and Moon: A Bolivian Creation Story

   A serendipitous walk along the spine of Bolivia's Isla del Sol leads to an unexpected and unforgettable festival experience.     The TV camera panned across the scene and onto the ...
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Omo by Lynne Doran: Photos of Ethiopia's Vanishing Tribes

Omo by Lynne Doran is a book of photographs highlighting the various indigenous tribes of Ethiopia's Omo Valley. She is able to witness some rare celebrations like weddings and coming of age ...


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