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Travel Photographs: Jordan

Photos by Lies Ouwerkerk               (C)Lies Ouwerkerk
MG 2789

Inside America’s Most Haunted Prison, ESP, Philadelphia

  “Lesson 4,” a voice blasted from the MP3 player of the man sitting across from me. It was the only noise on an otherwise quiet bus, the bumble of which had put my sister to sleep. We had begun ...
 Sensoji Temple

10 days in Tokyo

  Swooping down over Narita Airport, I conjure the Vangelis score from the opening of Blade Runner (1982), daydreaming of my first Suntory on the rocks in a sprawling futuristic enclave. Jet lag ...
The Wondrous Andes Mountain

Forgotten Stamps on my Passport

  In the land of dreams, each country’s passport stamp surely has its own color and scent.  It is never a generic, odorless black.  Instead, the blueness, greenness, even orangeness, would fill up ...

When all the Lands Were Sea

  In When all the Lands Were Sea Tor Eigeland tells us the story of his 1967 mission as a photojournalist to chronicle the lives of the Ma’dan people, also known as the Marsh Arabs. They lived ...

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