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The “Other” London

  I've been to London 6 times. Four were as a single woman, when I’d planned every detail out to the nth degree. I had set times for getting up, going to bed and in between, 2 major and 2 minor ...

Little Man: Essaouira, Morocco

  I can't go anywhere around here without intruding on a soccer game.  (An American that calls it football is almost certainly battling a current of pretentiousness – watch for them to blink.) ...

The Mount Popa Gauntlet

    There were hundreds of monkeys, all climbing, playing, and guarding the steps that led to the top of Mt. Popa.  I had been surprised not to have seen monkeys anywhere in Myanmar.  And now I ...
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Travel in Timor Leste or East Timor

  If you are Portuguese, chances are you’ve heard of Timor Leste, you might not know where it is, but you’ve heard of it. As a Canadian, you may have heard of East Timor, its unofficial name, but ...

Travel Photography: Tanzania

Photos by Meredith Chait           (c)Meredith Chait


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