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Remote Islands Indonesia2

Discovering the Remote Islands of Indonesia

The more remote islands of Indonesia had always been on my travel bucket list but eluded me for many years because there were no cruise ships plying the vast expanse of these islands. In recent years ...
IMG 7886

Travel Photographs: Spain

Travel Photography by Lilibet O'Connor     (c)Lilibet O'Connor

Volunteering at a Farm in the Langhe, Italy

  Between the Alps and the small herd of sheep left in my care unfurl the slopes of the Langhe, a rolling patchwork of pasture, vine and orchard nestled above the Italian Riviera. Here and there a ...

Heavenly Hamanasi in Belize

  Charles Darwin described the country Belize in his 1842 book, Coral Reefs of the World, as “the most remarkable reef in the West Indies.”   Snorkel and diving enthusiasts appreciate the 1,000 ...

Oases Inside and Out, India

  In the honking morass that is Ahmedabad, India, two retreats       Sabarmati Ashram   “Mr. Gandhi will find it takes more than a pinch of salt to bring down the British Empire.”   ...
Hill Low Res

The Rome You Might Have Missed

    Out of breath and far sweatier than our touristy outfit desired, we had finally reached the crest of our hike. Briefly looking back to admire the steep, sloping road we had just conquered, ...

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