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Egypt 2

I Survived Mt. Sinai! (barely)

  On the way to the Red Sea on the Sinai Peninsula we drove through the long underground passageway that ran beneath the Suez Canal.  We stepped onto the beach and rushed toward the water catching ...
IMG 1261

Graduating with a Different Plan: Volunteering in Tanzania

  With a month left until college graduation, I had no idea what I was going to do after May. Like many of my peers, I could not see myself having a 9-to-5 job at this stage of my life.  I ...

Colombia: A Second Chance at Happiness

  Have you ever traveled somewhere and felt an immediate change in your emotional and spiritual aura? Where you felt happier, more alive and more yourself than you’ve ever felt before? There’s ...
Trekking At Lamhatta EcoPar

Smitten with Darjeeling

  Darjeeling never fails to mesmerize me, each time I visit her. Our last visit in July 2011 was left incomplete with the heavy monsoon showers forcing us to bid an early but reluctant farewell to ...

Travel Photographs: Norway

Photos by Christina Kay Bolton     (c)Christina Kay Bolton


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