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Nepal - 18.7%
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Paris After the Attacks

  When we told friends and family of our plans to visit Paris, 2 ½ months after November's terrorist attacks, we received some strange looks and concerned questions – like “Why go now?” and “Is it ...
Greenland Landscape

Greenland: A Snow-white Pearl

  When traveling to Greenland, you are about to discover an invaluable Arctic pearl. No place on earth is similar to the world’s largest island. The landscape is stunning and the inhabitant’s ...
IMG 0991

Standing Naked in Turkey

  Not long ago I found myself on the shores of Mediterranean Turkey. In the course of this voyage, I booked a tour to see Pammakule and Heirpolis. Ancient ruins and mineral deposits on the sides of ...
IMG 9571 (1)

The Emirates Experience

  I recently flew Emirates Airline from Chicago to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.    The first leg of the trip was about 13 hours, from Chicago to Dubai. Although I was in coach, the Emirates flight ...

The Cubans

  The Cubans by Jay Seldin is a book of atmospheric portraits of the Cuban people taken while they're going about their daily lives. Though outsiders expect Cuba to be a colorful place, ...

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