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Bonaire Brain Coral 1

Travel Photographs: Bonaire

Photos by Robert Landry     (c) Robert Landry  

Sunderbans, India and the Royal Bengal Tiger

Sunderbans: Worth a brisk visit for the sake of a Spectacular Starlit Sky, if not for the Royal Bengal Tiger   And why do I say that? Because, contrary to Census reports of about 400 tigers ...
Multilingual Signs Found Al

A Writer on the Magome-Tsumago Trail, Japan

        Never did I realize that it was a journey of no return.  Never did I realize that the trail I followed that day, on a sunny mid-autumn day in 2014, was an answer to my heart’s calling.   ...
Lava Cast Trailhead 3

Bend, Oregon: Hiking & Breweries

In January we traveled to Bend, Oregon following the promise of good beer and even better hiking.  For quite a long time we have been hearing about all the excellent breweries and hiking ...
Turkey 2012 058

Konya: Guidebooks Don’t Quite Capture This Turkish City

At first glance, Konya was a little disconcerting: mosques, lots of them, squatting among warehouses, apartments, and tidy green lawns, the harsh July sun radiating off their bright aluminum domes. ...

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