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Returning to Riga, Latvia

Riga is home of most of the Latvian population, but keeping in mind that's not even two million people it's not really as drastic as you might think. Therein lies the first charm of Riga. It is ...

Inle Lake, Myanmar

  “You want to see long necks?” I stared at Makai blankly.  “What?” “Long necks.  You want to see? “Yeah.  Okay.  I guess.”   Kupa revved the motor and steered our long boat into ...

Bus 18 to Ramallah

  If we were ever going to visit the West Bank, this seemed like the time. The fighting between Israel and Hamas had ended months earlier, and although the hostility lingered, no large-scale ...
IMG 5135

Travel in Timor Leste or East Timor

  If you are Portuguese, chances are you’ve heard of Timor Leste, you might not know where it is, but you’ve heard of it. As a Canadian, you may have heard of East Timor, its unofficial name, but ...

Travel Photography: Tanzania

Photos by Meredith Chait           (c)Meredith Chait


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